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Hotel Gym Short

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Allison Izu for Collins+8th Exclusive 

(As featured in LUCKY Magazine Feb 2013)

Be the first to enjoy these adorably cute denim shorts. An exciting new collaboration between two amazing trendsetters, Allison Izu and Collins + 8th. Inspired by a passion for vintage and made especially for Hawaii lovers everywhere. Sits comfortably on the waist and has a peekaboo aloha print pocket with side kick pleats for that comfy retro feel. Each pair is special and unique, as aloha print and wash will vary with each short. 

0 - Fits 25-26 Waist 28-29 Low Waist 34 Hip 19-20 Thigh
2 - Fits 26-27 Waist 30-31 Low Waist 35 Hip
20-21 Thigh
4 - Fits 27-28 Waist 31-32 Low Waist 36-37 Hip 21-22 Thigh
6 - Fits 28-29 Waist 32-33 Low Waist 37-38 Hip  22-23 Thigh
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